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Active Circuits provides Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design solutions to take your electronics design from schematic to layout. Whether as an extra resource when project demand is high or needing someone with more expertise in the layout of your design, Active Circuits can help.

Printed circuit board design is a compromise between circuit functionality, PCB manufacture, assembly and test requirements. We work with you to design the right balance of all these to produce a PCB to best fit your product, within your time frames and right first time.

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of design types and applications, including
Single, double & multilayer boards
Rigid, flexible & flexi-rigid materials
Analogue, digital & mixed circuits
High speed, controlled impedance and differential pairs
Blind, buried & micro vias
High pin count, fine pitch BGA's

Altium Designer is the PCB design package of choice providing not only schematic capture and pcb design but 3D
modeling, enabling step files to be imported into your mechanical CAD system.

Active Circuits can also offer you other services including sourcing PCB's and assembly by either by hand for
prototypes or for larger quantities, by a reputable contract manufacturer. Contact us and lets see what we can do for

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About Jeanette
Jeanette is an IPC accredited designer who has completed the advanced professional program, adding to the experience gained working in the industry, since 1994.